“Grazing Buffalo Burgers”

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Eating Healthy does not have to be a boring tasteless existence–in fact, by replacing ‘processed food’ with healthy ones I have opened my taste buds to ever widening experiences! When you replace fat with flavor you can really enjoy eating real food again!

OK, lets face it, for most people eating a burger means a big thick juicy beef burger full of fat and toppings.  For many people looking for a healthier alternative it might mean a turkey burger…and I have to say it: it really can’t compare as a true alternative if you are buying the pre-made kind from the store. The Jennie-O seasoned one is not bad but it still lacks something that would make you want to say ” yea I WANT a turkey burger” despite wanting to eat better.

So I’ve been on a hunt to find more appealing alternatives . This is one of my finds–a Buffalo Turkey burger. The original recipe was found at Skinny Taste but I’ve adjusted it just a bit for my preferences.

So– Option 1 for a Burger Alternative:

Grazing Buffalo ( Turkey) Burgers

1 package lean ground turkey (usually 1.25 lbs)

1-2 grated carrots,shredded (about 1 cup packed)

1 medium zucchini, shredded (about 2 cups)

1-2 cloves of garlic, minced

2-3 Tbs red onion, minced

1/4 cup Frank’s Red Hot sauce (more or less to preference)

1/2 cup whole wheat bread bread crumbs or Panko crumbs

salt and pepper to taste

Optional-cheese slices of choice (I use cheddar)

Whole wheat rolls–burger or kaiser

In a large bowl combine well –this is easiest with your hands. It does get pretty messy so you may want to use plastic/ latex-free food gloves if you have them.

Mixing it with your hands is best but messy!

Form the mixture into 8 patties (about 5.5 oz each).

If I am freezing it for future use I actually use plastic container lids (from butter/ 15 oz yogurt/ricotta)

to form and stack them in the freezer.

Use old container to hep form the patties. They are great for stacking together in the freezer.

To Cook–Preheat a pan with a little nonstick spray on medium heat and cook on one side 4-5 minutes and then flip. Cook an addition 3-4 minutes and if using cheese  top with cheese and cook until melted. (I use cheddar)

If using a frozen burger then add 1-2 minutes per side or allow to defrost prior to heating.

Note: If grilling make sure the grill is well oiled because it tends to stick on the grill.

This is great topped with blue cheese dressing and/or coleslaw.


My Heart is now has two addresses…


Today my oldest daughter started a new life at college; she and I have shared some wonderful memories this summer and I hope they help her remember just how much we believe in her.

She is only 30 minutes from our home, mere miles away but it feels like a different world.  Were I able to, I would join her in this experience–I’ve graduated from college but never lived on campus. I can see that she will have many wonderful experiences and chances to grow beyond our little world. She will become part of a new Nation, that of academia and learning. I am glad for her.

But she takes just a bit of my heart with her. She is my oldest, my firstborn. She helped teach me what it means to be a mother and how to make some of the tough choices of parenting. Not always the best parent, but a really good one. How to encourage without smothering, how to push without losing sight of her desires, how to allow her to go off on her own.

So for now, my heart will have two addresses; one here at home with my husband and younger daughter and one with her at college, wishing her the very best.

Disclaimer: Image courtesy of Google Images, my thanks to its creator.

A “Healthy” Invitation

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For anyone looking to boost the “Healthy Living  Quotient” by making smart choices, not by deprivation….stop on over and check out Smart Choices, Healthy Living here on WordPress or @smartchoiceshealthyliving.com

Its my new blog dedicated only to being Healthier by making smart choices in our daily lives–hope to see you there! ~Janice

Hug Fully….get the whole experience!

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To be more healthy, hug more!

The only thing is–you need to do it fully to get the full benefit. For example–I gave/got a hug from my husband earlier.  Close your eyes, don’t look around and let your other senses share in the hug, not just your arms. Smell their particular fragrance (hopefully its a good one)–my hubby smelled of warm sun but also of the bodywash he had used (Old Spice). I could feel his muscles and sun warmed shirt. I listened to his heart beating strong and steady. And I breathed. Just breathed in and out allowing my heart and mind to slow for just that moment. For just that moment I forgot about all the things I needed to do and all the other thoughts in my mind to be put on hold.

Hug more…..and often.

Ever changing but always the same….

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Its a funny thing– I have such an odd relationship with the Beach: I love walking on it and hearing the waves but I hate going in the water.  As long as I can walk on the beach or even sit on a bench to take in the view I am happy. I’m just not a big fan of getting wet and cold and dealing with the seaweed and creatures.

We visit Cape Cod every year– my inlaws have a house there and we are invited to be guests every year. The weather this year was just uncooperative with boating and sailing so I was able to avoid dealing with it pretty much this year. I did a lot of walking and biking to the beach but really did not hang out there for long–it was very overcast, windy and “pre-storm” for much of our week.  My hubby did get to sail a couple of times so I did feel bad for him since it was too windy for more than just him on our Sunfish.   The odd thing–if the weather had been more cooperative I had planned  to have him get out our Windsurfer for me to try again–I even found a great 2 piece bathing suit this year that was conducive to being active!

How did I end up married to someone so in love with the ocean?!  He literally would spend his entire vacation on or in the water growing up (his parents rented a place every summer). His parents rarely saw him once he was old enough to be unchaperoned at the beach….he would sail all day and explore. I think he would do the same now if he could. While our girls were growing up I would be on the beach while he was on the water, sometimes with one of the girls, more often on his own. My younger daughter has a ‘boyfriend’ who is also a water lover–canoe, kayak, sail or power boat–he does it all. The irony? My daughter is also like me where she has little desire to be in the water–go figure!

So the funny thing is that the Beach is never the same twice–the tides and currents reshape it frequently. The desire to return though is always there, to find comfort in the ‘sameness’ of the beach; the salt air, the sand, the gulls. There is a pull to being there that comforts a tired soul and makes Life more bearable…..so although it is an ‘odd relationship’ I will return–time after time– to find myself again.

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